Vernon Watkins Celebration

Vernon Watkins Celebration

On the fiftieth anniversary of his death, Iain Sinclair, Jeff Towns and Richard Ramsbotham celebrate the person described by Dylan Thomas as ‘the most profound and greatly accomplished Welshman writing poems in English’: that is Vernon Watkins – ‘Swansea’s Other Poet’.

Iain Sinclair is a leading writer, filmmaker, poet and psychogeographer, renowned for his walks in the borderlands of cities, derelict sites and urban redevelopments. In his book Black Apples of Gower, the author travells back in time, to his origins in Horton, a ‘village on the edge of amnesia’ on the Gower coast, with digressions on the poet Vernon Watkins, William Blake, Dylan Thomas and the art of Ceri Richards.

Jeff is a world-leading expert on Dylan Thomas. An antiquarian book-dealer by trade, he has spent some 40 years seeking out and securing treasures left behind by the poet – a preoccupation that has seen him acquire a wealth of Dylan knowledge, extensive contacts and many manuscripts, notes, letters, pictures and books. Jeff’s Dylan Thomas collections sit in museums and institutions around the world from Japan to Texas. He has sold rare Dylan Thomas books and manuscripts to world-famous figures including Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Prince Charles and Allen Ginsberg.

Richard Ramsbotham is a speech and drama teacher and biographer. He is the author of Who Wrote Bacon? William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, and James I: A Mystery for the Twenty-first Century. He edited the New Selected Poems by Vernon Watkins.