All tickets must be swapped for a wristband at our box office – wristbands allow for unlimited re-entry to and from all venues and for all acts for the holder, but entry is subject to venue capacity. If there’s a particular act that you want to catch, then head to that venue in plenty of time before it starts.

Tickets are only available online in advance of the weekend. If any tickets are remaining then they will go on sale at our Box Office on the festival weekend.

The Box Office will be located at Cinema & Co, 17 Castle St, Swansea, SA1 1JF and will be open from 12pm Friday 3rd November. It will stay open for the duration of the festival. Here you will also be able to buy tickets, pick-up a copy of the program, ask questions, or just come and have a nice cup of coffee/beer!

Ticket holders are responsible for their tickets until exchanged for a wristband on arrival at the box office.

Please do not lose or try to undo your wristband – if removed from the wrist or tampered with, they will be rendered invalid and cannot be replaced. When our staff are putting it on, don’t let it hang loose around your wrist. Keep it snug!